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Self Sabotaging Men come to us when they want to get out of their own way and start living as the Man, Husband & Father they know they are capable of being.

To have the most authentic, fulfilling and regret-free lives possible.

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The guy is a full spectrum of what you need. He will push you, challenge you, be abrasive, harsh, loving and sit with you and cry. He meets you where you are and you can tell he loves what he does. I loved all of the MOP exercises for the different things I was going through and it gave me a foundation to work with every time things came up. Highly recommend him and have to many friends.

Hugh M.

I must admit I was skeptical at first. Ian comes with so much energy and passion, I thought he may be full of it. I told him I was doubtful & he offered a free discovery call and I took him up on it. I was blown away by his structure and ability to make me feel so comfortable and get deep fast. I was also impressed by the way he uses formulas for everything to take the emotions out of your decisions allowing them to be made easier and course correct faster. Im a full believer and dont ever want to leave the MOP coaching world. Also love his retreats!

George U.


I have worked with coaches in the past. They really only could help in one or 2 areas. When I started with Ian, I was immediately impressed with how fast he could diagnose so many areas of my life and connect the patterns and get me to open up. Kind of like a drill instructor but got very vulnerable with me and is really compassionate. He helped me see what I needed & guided me through. Love coaching with Ian. My business, love life and way I think about myself have all improved dramatically. I literally want to coach with Ian forever!!

Levi B.

Stock Broker

What is a Man on Purpose?

A true man on purpose is completely free of internal restriction and Constraint.

A true man on purpose knows his priorities and isn’t afraid to take a stand for them.

A man who doesn’t run from his past and understands his legacy is more than just money and things. It is about who he is in every moment for himself, his family, his career and his community.

A true man on purpose is a leader in his community, values the moments, memories and experiences with his family and cares for himself with respect, love and kindness.

A true man on purpose has it all in every area of his life…

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MOP Podcast
MOP Podcast

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